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Baublesque Wristlet/Corsage Spray (Swarovski Mini Spray)

Boutonniere Cage, Wristlet/Corsage Spray (Swarovski Crystal Mini Sprays)

4mm crystals bring the perfect hint of sparkle and light to the ordinary boutonniere, wristlet, corsage, and other small floral pieces. Designed to enhance and add glimmer, but not overpower. Delightful, fun, yet eloquent and sophisticated.

Style: ACB-SWC-SPRCW-04MM-001
Colour: Clear Swarovski Crystal (001)
(Other colours available upon request-see below)

Handcrafted in the U.S.A. by: Angelia Christine Bridal Company

Perfect for weddings, proms, and other formal or semi-formal social events.

Price includes a single 6 Swarovski crystal spray for insertion into your floral piece. Flowers and arrangements are not included. This is for the crystal spray, only.

Boutonniere Cage will come formed to fit a medium/large common 2' rose bud. Minimal tweaking may or may not be required as each natural variations in each rose bud can vary.

Wristlet/Corsage Spray will come as a standard spray you can manipulate after insertion to each of your floral pieces, but will be satisfactory in most florals, as is with little to no tweaking.

It is highly recommend where possible to give the spray stem(s) to your florist upon ordering your floral pieces. It is easier for the florist to incorporate the stem when they are making it. However, it is not a problem for you to slip into floral tape next to the flower stem if that is not possible. Sprays arrive with bare end (no tape) for easier insertion.

Boutonniere: 1 spray
Wristlet: 2 sprays (Depends on arrangement) 1 for each side, or one in the middle if given to florist when ordering for insertion)
Corsage: 1-2 sprays

Note: Flowers and Props are not included. Listing includes a single 6 Crystal Spray Only. If you need multiple sprays for a wedding party or custom colours, please contact us for a custom arrangement and listing designed especially for you. Discounts apply to wedding party purchases along with free shipping.

Shipping note: We realize that USPS Priority shipping is equivalent to the price of such a single small item. However it is uncommon that people order a single spray. Regardless of the number of sprays listed, we can accommodate any size order. Contact us as noted above for quantity orders or to discuss alternative shipping for a single spray.

  • Style: ACB-SWC-SPRWC-04MM-001
  • Manufactured by: Angelia Christine Bridal Company

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