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ALL Colour: Baublesque 6 Pc Triad Wand Bouquet Jewels (slow)

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Our original Baublesque branded Bouquet Jewelry, straight to you from Angelia Christine Bridal! Now you can cherish the past, revel in the present, and celebrate the future with Baublesque Triad Wand Bouquet Jewels in your bridal or floral arrangements. Available in a huge array of colours. This Baublesque Bouquet Jewelry set can be configured as follows: Crystal Size: 8mm and 10mm Crystal Shape: Bicone Quantity: 6+1 Free Sample Stem Crystal Colour: Your Choice and Crystal (001) Bouquet Stem Length: Your Choice Wire Colour: Your Choice or Baublesque Sterling Silver Option Loop Style: Triad Crystal Type: CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements Handcrafted in the U.S.A. by: Angelia Christine Bridal Company. We include a loose sample outside of every package so that you and your florist can determine the perfect fit beforehand. This means our set of 6 stems is really a set of 7 and when you order our set of 12 you get 13 stems. It’s a baker’s dozen without the weight gain! If you order the wrong length, simply let us know and you only pay shipping both ways to exchange. FYI Crystal and pearl size is subjective to the individual, however anything less than 8mm is considered small, 8mm-10mm is considered medium size, and 12mm and up is considered large. A small/modest bouquet can typically be elegantly enhanced with a 6-12 piece set of bouquet stems. Medium bouquets: 12 piece set of bouquet stems. Large bouquets: 12-24 piece set of bouquet stems. Handcrafted crystal components comprise this beautiful and elegant wedding accessory for both brides and bridesmaids, as well as a lovely decorative enhancement to ceremony and reception floral arrangements. Baublesque Bouquet Jewelry can also be used for: Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Floral Arrangements, Cake Decor, Venue Decor, Home Decor, Holiday Decor, Pew/Alter Trim, Shower Gifts, Prom Boutonnieres, Wristlets, and Corsages. Events: Bridal, wedding, showers, proms, formals, quinceañeras, parties of all types (bachelor, bachelorette, retirement, graduations, baby and bridal showers). Anywhere requiring floral goods or any event with a decorative cake. If you prefer more bling in your bouquets or floral arrangements, contact us for a free consultation and custom arrangement at no additional charge for as many sets/pieces as you think your florals can accommodate. Angelia Christine Bridal focuses on the quality only available from the distinct CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements™ collection for their handcrafted pieces, bringing an elegant sparkle, glimmer, and flare to your event, venue, and even your cake!

  • Manufactured by: Angelia Christine Bridal Company

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