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Angelia Christine Bridal (a.k.a. ACB, AC Bridal,,,, and is a manufacturer and online retailer of quality bridal accessories and is a registered business entity in the State of Hawaii. The branded line of Baublesque Bouquet Jewels is the foundation product of ACB and is lovingly handcrafted in the U.S.A. Our business goals include opening brick and mortar storefronts in localities around the nation catering to brides of all budgets and price points.

Angelia is a second generation artist/crafter who grew up traveling from art show to art show with her metal sculptor mother. She brings her love of pink and sparkly to the team along with her background in hot metal and cool canvases with a dash of whimsy just to mix things up. She crafts her pieces in the Pacific Northwest under the eye of an uber critical man child and a fem fatale feline that lives to steal shiny things and horde them.

Christine is the webmistress, driving force and rock star behind Angelia Christine Bridal. She is a crafting wizard, feral animal magnet and trend setter. While she has dabbled in many a craft from knitting to woodwork over the years, nothing brings her more joy than to see a smile on a customer's face, whether it's a photograph, portrait, or business design and now the sparkle of bouquet jewelry and bridal accessories.

Christine’s eye for detail and color flows from her career as an award winning professional photographer with the vibrant canvas of the Hawaiian island of Oahu as her playground. She also has an intimate feel for the minute details of special occasions and understands the importance of just the right shade of your perfect color for your special day.

What do you get when you cross a Paralegal professional with a former Information Technology professional? A photographer, painter, metal sculptress, graphic designer, and another painter. Did we mention all the various crafts in everything from embroidery to photography? We at Angelia Christine aren't too sure of what you get out of that, but we do know that our experience is diverse, detailed, professional, and enjoyable for the customer and shows in our bridal products.

Both Christine and Angelia are also very particular and experienced brides, bridesmaids, maids and matrons of honour and experts in planning for every detail. We are certain that at least one of them was a flower girl at some point in previous decades. Given, Christine and Angelia know what they like and know to how to provide it for you even better!

Our goal at Angelia Christine Bridal is to make your shopping experience fun--as a bride, or a bridesmaid, or even as the mother of the bride! As wedding party members, we've always expected superior service and products, so it is also our goal to make sure that you receive that same superior service during your special day or event. Wedding and event planning can be stressful enough without worrying about the small details of bouquet crystals for more than a moment about whether you ordered quite enough for all the florals! We bring our professional careers, our crafty skills, tenacity, and most importantly our vibrant business acumen to the forefront of Angelia Christine Bridal and provide you, the consumer with quality bridal accessories and service at a reasonable rate, on time and every time!

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